Well, SOMEONE can hear it.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Barzillai wanders away as mates begin choosing their watches from the crowd]

Francis Goldwhit.

Josué Cabral.

Panel 2 [The captain turns abruptly with a stressed expression, the ghost's voice visibly around him.]

BRUTALITY: Waite Waite Waite! I await! Saturate this ship with heart’s blood like all times, boyyy.

Panel 3 [Shot over Barzillai’s shoulder, looking down at the crew being divided up. Standing at the edge of the circle is a tall man dressed in a long black coat with disheveled black hair, turned away from everyone, leaning on a harpoon.

Apollo Delaman.

William Williams.

Panel 4 [small panel of Barzillai squinting at the figure]

Panel 5 [View of the deck again, the watches being divided up, but the figure is gone]

Panel 6 [Barzillai sighs, turning away again with a wary expression.]