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↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence standing against the bulwarks now that most of the crew has been divided, looking up when his name is called]

Lawrence Manner

Panel 2 [Shot over Lawrence’s shoulder as Ezra motions him over, the rest of his watch alongside Ezra]

EZRA: T’me.

Panel 3 [Lawrence steps over to Ezra and Josué. He looks a bit pissy as Josué smiles at him and nudges him with his elbow.]

It was only a centipede--look, you're hard now. If it wasn't us it would’ve been someone else eventually. The newest ones are the fairest game.

Panel 4 [Ezra is grinning at Lawrence with Josué popping over his shoulder. Lawrence still looks uppity, arms folded, but is softening slightly.]

‘Specially landsmen. I gave Josué the same treatment when he was fresh off the cow farm, if it makes you feel any better.

It's true, he did.

I…suppose it does.

Panel 5 [Captain Waite calls over his shoulder as he walks forward of the ship. IN the foreground, Ezra lightly taps Lawrence’s shoulder with the back of his hand]

Larboard watch on deck, starboard below.

Come Mr. Manner, the night starts off easy for you.