Very small update this month as these pages were very time consuming. I’ll try to do better in the next month.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Establishing shot down in the fo'c'sle, packed with the starboard watch. In the foreground, a whaler comes down the ladder from above. The room is crowded with men, laughing, talking, holding tankards and plates as they sit on their seachests, the cluster of bunks surrounding them. There’s a meat kid and duff kid between them that they’re grabbing for, heaping food on their plates. Dim lamplight, pipe smoke wreathing the space.]

Panel 2 [Closer shot of Lawrence sitting alone on a sea chest with his plate on his knees, looking grim and queasy.]

Panel 3 [Even closer view of Lawrence cutting his duff, looking even more unsure of it]

Panel 4 [Close up of the duff and the fork, stuck in it, and many dead cockroaches embedded into it as well]