Aaaand that’s all for now folks…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence picks at his bug-laden food with concern as Ezra walks up to him. Ezra is turned from the camera, cropped at the hips. He's carrying a plate of food]

Panel 2 [Ezra sits down next to Lawrence, nudging his arm with his elbow]

How’s your guts?

Well, the food isn’t helping their recovery.

Panel 3 [Lawrence looks down at his duff again. Ezra is following his eyes too. Josué glances over from where hes leaning against a beam in the background, laughing slightly.]

I’ve never seen such a wealth of cockroach diversity. It’s...pairing well with the centipede.

Heh heh heh. He’s funny.

Panel 4 [Ezra points at Lawrence with his fork, amused and good natured]

Year or two in, you’ll be so sick of the cook’s duff that the bugs will better the flavor.

Panel 5 [Bastien Addo leans over into the frame, grinning. Lawrence, Ezra, and Josué are all looking over at him.]

Cap's the one with the fine suppers. Sure if you bring your troubles to ‘im like he asks he’ll have you sit at the table with his woman and everything. You should go on and try it.