Good luck Lawrence.

If you’d like to learn more about music on whale ships, I wrote another historical essay : here! :

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence is setting down his plate, looking off to the side]

I think this might be a case best served by sleeping it off.

Panel 2 [He glances over with a slight wince at Josué in the foreground requesting a song from Luis and his fiddle]

Provided I’m able to.

Oh, oh, do you know the one that goes like, ya dada daDA ya da dadada

Panel 3 [Lawrence stands, removing his vest as Ezra glances up it him. Luis has struck up a song again, and Josué is cheering about it]

If you can, sure, ‘fore the watch is called.

Yes, that’s it! Whiiiiile cruising New Bedford one day on a spree—

Panel 4 [Lawrence apprehensively climbs into a the bunk while Josuè’s singing continues over his shoulder]

I met a fair damsel, the wind blowing free!