An easier one to draw. One respite in this whole chapter lol.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Lawrence lays down in the bunk with curtains drawn, holding his ditty bag to his chest and looking up at the ceiling with a slight frown. Josué's singing bleeds through the curtains.]

"I’m a fast goin' clipper my kind sir," said she...

Panel 2 [Lawrence takes a journal and a pencil out of his bag.]

"I'm ready for cargo, my hold is quite free!"

Panel 3 [Lawrence writes in his journal as he lays back down, saying aloud what he’s scribbling in his book with a weary expression]

Fal de ral laddie right fal de ral de day, fal de ral laddie right fal de ral de day!

Remarks, 10th of November. I am confirmed a fool. So ends the day.