This page easily fell into place for me! Love when that happens…love when I don’t have to fight ’em.

Anyway. These boys are gonna have a bad time but they don’t know it yet.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Back on the other side of the curtain, Ezra is chatting with the other whalers. Bastien and Joseph, framing him, are asking questions]

Curious, sir, why you ain’t eating with the Old Man. That’s the table for officers. China plate and good ham aft.

Curious if he might get ornery at your fraternizin’ here, too.

Panel 2 [Ezra looks up, unbothered]

I think, if my fraternizin’ makes for a crew in good spirits that’s good at killin’ whales, he won’t give a damn for where I eat or talk.

Panel 3 [Ezra nods over at Josué with a smile, who glances down casually at him]

And I got friends over here.

Panel 4 [Pulled back shot of the focsle, closed in by bunks in the foreground, as Bastien poses a question to the room]

Have of you ever sailed on this ship?

Panel 5 [James Barnard glances up, as he scratches the ship's cat under the chin.


Aye, I spent the last two trips whaling from her. Scupper here, too, fine little shipmate. Eher keep.

Panel 6 [Josué looks up at James, leaning his shoulder against a beam]

Is what they say true then? Is the ship lucky? Will we be rich at the end of this?