Dubious labor practices….

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [James laughs a bit wryly.]

Ha. Richer than on t’others, maybe, since the skipper and his mate take to dumping our vittles to make room for more oil. That’s how we come back with our thousands, stunned and starved, but them few what don’t desert feast like kings on pay day.

Panel 2 [Closer shot of James tipping the brim of his hat, winking.]

So’s why I’m still here, just for the good part at the end.

Panel 3 [Josué looks reluctant, glum, as Ezra looks up at the gathered company decisively.]

Luck and starving in the same breath isn’t making me feel much better about this, you know.

There’s ways to have a good voyage without starvin’ men. That’s the sort we’ll have, dear fellas, if I can help it.

Panel 4 [Shot over Ezra's shoulder. James laughing slightly, looking over at Ezra]

Hahaha. Best of luck reforming ‘em Mr. Carter.

Panel 5 [Joseph O’ Reilly looks unsettled, wringing his hands. He's set against a black backdrop, surrounded by Brutality's words.]

You’re all talkin’ about luck, but when I came on this ship I got a quare shiverin’ feelin’.

Ah this one feels my hand on his nape, but he doesn’t know it...not really...maybe he will someday.