Ezra’s got some panicky lads on his hands.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [A small inset panel of Ezra speaking with an intrigued expression]

Maybe that’s the feelin’ of a ship with stories to tell.

Panel 2 [Panel outside, showing the ship on the water in the dark, its prow and its foremast, as Ezra’s voice is overlaid over the scene]

She seems like she has a lotta them in her.

Panel 3 [Narrow panel showing Bastien and Joseph talking to each other, but their dialogue is overlaid in panels 4 and 5.]

Agree, sir. Her timbers feel heavy, d’you get what I mean? Like she knows things we don’t.

Right! Like she’s in on a joke…I coulda sworn I heard the riggin’ laughin’ at me in the wind. Mother Carey’s chickens were flying over when we set out, did you see ‘em? And leaving on a Friday? Yeesh…spooky.

Panel 4 [Low angle shot from below of the mainmast. Boatsteerer Francis Goldwhit is climbing up the rigging to the masthead. The moon is out, the stars]

Panel 5 [Shot of the rigging swaying in the breeze, close up of Francis in it]