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↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [View back in foscle, Ezra waving Bastien and Joseph off with a slight frown]

No, no, I didn’t mean nothin’ like that!

Panel 2 [View of Lawrence in his bunk, clearly unable to fall asleep, listening to Ezra speak outside. Ezra’s off camera, but his words are overlaid]

Talkin’ ghost stories or bad omens on the first night do no good for a voyage.

Panel 3 [Ezra explains, tapping one finger on his palm decisively]

It could be good luck I feel here. Experience.

The Valor’s the most talked about ship in New Bedford. Everyone wants a share. Those are the stories we’ll be a part of, boys.

And then all them Bedford gals will be wantin’ a share of us, too, mind not the blood and grease.

Panel 5 [Joseph, in the foreground, speaks doubtfully as he looks down at a tankard. Ezra in the background is giving him a slight warning look. Josué looks over at Joseph with an amused expression, making a wanking gesture with his hand.]

Have to say though, the Captain bringin’ his own woman on board is somethin’ troublesome. Guess he’s the only one allowed to wet his cock out here, eh?

I wouldn’t say anythin’ more on that count, if yo value your hide.

JOSUE: You’ll just have to satisfy yourself with the figurehead, O’Reilly--she’s pretty enough.

All you just hush up about ghosts and wives and eat your duff. That's an officer's order.