We now check in on Adelaide and Barzillai.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Captain comes down into his cabin where Adelaide is curled on the bed in the foreground, holding her hand over her mouth.]

Panel 2 [close up as he presses the back of his hand to her forehead—she looks uncomfortable, eyes closed and strands of hair plastered to her temple.]

How are you feeling?

Worse in the past hour. But it will pass.

Panel 3 [Barzillai sits at the edge of the bed, and Adelaide sits up as well.]

And hopefully soon. I would like to speak to the crew before too long.

Panel 4 [Adelaide is pictured in the foreground, bringing her fingers to her lips to quell a wave a nausea. Barzillai, in the background, looks a bit baffled.]


Panel 5 [Adelaide looks over at him and explains matter of factly.]

To get to know them. As you said, we’re all together on this ship for likely years. I don’t want to be a stranger.