A bloody one to close out chapter 8.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1 [Adelaide slides back to give space for Barzillai to lay down beside her. She’s still propped up with one arm, laying her free hand on his shoulder as he lays down.]


Panel 2 [Shot of Barzillai laying with his head against the pillow with a frown as Brutality's voice manifests around him]

I wonder I wonder I wonder--

Panel 3 [Flashback panel showing Barzillai laying on a ship deck in a similar way, one hand wrapped around his bleeding abdomen as he coughs and spits blood on the deck. Brutality's voice is still overlaid.]

BRUTALITY: Will you ever tell her...what really happened--

Panel 4 [Overhead flashback shot from the ship’s mast looking down at the deck, blood-smeared and disordered, the rigging cut and swaying in the wind, with Barzillai laying behind the tryworks.]

BRUTALITY, overlaid:
--Those years ago?