Gonna be drawing a lot of rope in this chapter.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Shot behind Ezra and Lawrence going up the ladder to the deck.

Panel 2[Lawrence comes up on deck, stepping into the night, wind blowing his hair, stars above]

Panel 3 [Shot towards the bow of the ship as Ezra walks there, looking over at Lawrence and nodding for him to follow. Just ahead of him there’s a line tub and a line hanging down from aloft.]

C’mon, I’ll show you how to line the tubs. We reeve the whaleline aloft to make it easier.

Panel 4 [Shot from aloft, view from the spar of the ship, a block hanging down with a line rove through it. Ezra and Lawrence are below, looking up at it, Ezra pointing.]

Y’see? I won’t send you up there for anythin’ tonight though—I wanna give you some time to find your feet first.

I appreciate that.

Panel 5 [Ezra leaning his head towards Lawrence, who’s nodding with a distracted frown]

But you’ll be expected to find your feet quickly, make no mistake ‘bout it.

Yes, of course…