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↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Ezra, glances over at Lawrence, looking like he's disengaging from the conversation a bit.]

EZRA: Mm. This work makes you familiar with folk real quick, you’ll see. I’m sure we’ll end up gettin’ on fine, too. You seem like a decent fella, Mr. Manner.

Panel 2 [Slightly high angle of Lawrence glancing up with a slight smile, eyebrows raised.]

You can call me Lawrence, if you’d like. Whaleships don’t seem like they stand on the same ceremony as the land.

Panel 4 [Shot over Lawrence's shoulder as Ezra shrugs, considers, wearing a conflicted but slightly amused expression]

EZRA: they ain’t much like the land at all. So you can keep callin’ me Ezra then. Fraternizin’, they say, can’t help it I guess.

Panel 5 [Low angle of the tub looking upwards at Ezra and Lawrence standing over it. Ezra gestures to the tub and Lawrence looks down at it passively.]

Now, plenty more line to lay before the watch is up. I’ll call Mr. De Silva over and you can help ‘im with the rest of this.

Panel 6 [Small closing panel, of completed tub full of tightly coiled line]