Enter: A potentially mildly self-destructive lad.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [The camera pans further down the dock to show LAWRENCE MANNER also looking up at the ship, only more wistfully/hopefully. Lawrence is a slender white man in his mid 20s, dressed in a style that is similar to others on the docks, but looks a little too crisp, not worn in.]

Panel 2 [Shot over Lawrence’s shoulder as he looks at a flyer nailed to a post]

Panel 3 [Close up of the flyer, and Lawrence’s hand lifting it closer to see]

SEEKING! Ambitious and able-bodied men of good moral character for a whaling voyage bound for the warm Pacific! No previous experience necessary—-Landsmen welcome and encouraged to apply! A once in a lifetime chance to see the world AND earn a handsome profit in the noble pursuit of the whale. Advance $75. Inquire with the undersigned at 110 Front Street.

—Terrence Hanshaw

Panel 4 [Lawrence looking up from flyer with a searching expression, mumbling to himself]

110 Front Street…

Panel 5 [Shot from behind Lawrence, showing the view across the street of a small building with a few men milling around outside. The sign above the door reads ‘T. Hanshaw - Outfitter’