I don’t care for this page but I’m sick of lookin at it so.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Shot over Barzillai’s shoulder, Ezra’s boat seen bobbing off to the right. The whale’s tail lifts in the distance]

He lobtails.

Panel 2 [View from the side of Ezra’s whaleboat, Lawrence and Josué holding their oars. Josué is smiling lazily at Lawrence and Lawrence is looking out over the water with a slight frown.]

What do you think of those flukes?

It’s beautiful…

It’ll be prettier when it’s dead.

Panel 3 [Barzillai hauls the steering oar, snapping at his men as they speed his boat forward, leaving Ezra's behind them.]

Jump on, jump on! Spring, y'damned hunters!

Panel 4 [Close up shot of the oars splashing into the water, pulling violently]