Thus begins chapter 4 which I like to call: A Shitton of Barrels and Some of the Barrels are Evil

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [close up shot of Hanshaw’s hands prying open a barrel lid with a head tool]

Panel 2 [Circular panel of a darkened view shot from inside the barrel, showing the faces of Terrence Hanshaw and Peter Roxbury peering down into the barrel.]

Panel 3 [Roxbury skims his finger along the surface of the oil. The two men are in a warehouse, surrounded by casks]

Panel 4 [He touches his finger to the tip of his tongue]

Panel 5 [Roxbury speaks to Hanshaw over the barrel, with Hanshaw holding the lid and looking as though he’s going to put it back on.]

Sweet as anything.

The winter-strained oil will be fetching a fine price.