That’s the last one for this month’s batch. Alas I wasn’t able to get as many pages done as I’d like but…we’re halfway through chapter 5 and we’re getting everyone on this boat now!


↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Wider shot of the docks alongside the Valor. Peter Roxbury is speaking with Barzillai and Adelaide. Peter has a large ledger in his hands, reading off it]

Once the fresh provisions run dry you have 120 barrels salt horse. 4000 pounds ships bread. 1200 pounds coffee. 600 bushels of potatoes. 6000 gallons of water. Dried apples, codfish, butter, by the hundreds. It should last you five months before you need to resupply.

Panel 2 [Closer shot of Adelaide as she looks up at the ship masts, her expression a sort of cautious hopefulness. Roxbury’s drawl comes off screen.]

200 lances, 20 spades. 4 whaleboats. Spare cords, canvas, yards. Iron hoops, staves.

Panel 3 [Closer shot of the three, with Roxbury wearing a flippant smile as Barzillai looks on amused.

Medicine chest is fitted--no doctor to speak of, but I’m sure you’re capable, Captain.

Panel 4 [Roxbury looks to Adelaide with a performative feigned sympathy, closing the book in his hands.]

I apologize that we were unable do more to make you feel accommodated on board, Mrs. Waite. If we had been given more notice…

Panel 5 [Adelaide looks unbothered, still holding Barzillai’s arm as he looks over at her with a slight frown.

Place all your blame on me for the short notice, sir. I insisted. And I’m well aware that I can’t expect the same comforts I have on land, thank you.